Sakuya Izayoi: Touhou


Character: Sakuya Izayoi
Series: Touhou Project
Version: Maid
Debut: A-Kon


I’ve been making costumes for over 10 years. I love full cupcake skirts, lace, bows and somehow I’ve never managed to make a maid uniform. A travesty that I corrected this year making Sakuya. I’m not particularly sure what draws me to Sakuya, maybe it’s the cute little braids or maybe it’s the fact that she’s a time manipulating knife wielding bad ass. Either way when I found some really quality navy stretch suiting on clearance for a dollar a yard in the fabric district I bought it and ran.

Sakuya’s design is fairly straight forward and I based most of my decisions off of her Nendorid and Figma figures because Zun’s artwork leaves a lot of questions about what is going on. I started with a princess seamed bodice but to add a little detail and interest I added a shirring panel to the back. I drafted the white shoulder details and used interfaced cotton sateen and horsehair braid to make sure they had plenty of body and shape. The skirt part of the dress is just a simple circle skirt. The whole thing closes with an invisible side zipper.

The apron is simply half of an oval gathered and sewn into a waist band. To make sure the fit of the waistband stayed form fitting I added simple side seams that follow the curve of the bodice. This makes things fit a little flatter than if it had just been one long rectangle. The big bow in the back is seperate and just slips over the strap. The band snaps together in the back. There are also some hidden pockets in the waistband for things like hotel keys and cash money.

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