Eli Ayase: Love Live!

Character: Eli Ayase
Series: Love Live! School Idol Project
Version: Ninja
Debut: A-Kon 2016
Awards: Best in Show, Anime Fest 2016

This project was a collaboration with C.C. Cosplay and Alpacosplay. I can’t remember when or why, but we decided that we needed to cosplay the subunit BiBi from LoveLive. Most likely because BiBi is the best subunit from LoveLive. After rigorous debate over WHICH costumes to make we settled on these Ninja themed outfits from LoveLive School Idol Festival.

We collectively decided on fabrics and materials and then split the work of some of the detail tasks. I created the artwork for our custom printed floral fabric (which you can buy for your own Ninja project on Spoonflower) and created the weird…wrist things. Those were made with matte vinyl flat lined with stiff felt and then trimmed with the most magical idol project I’ve ever found, glitter covered canvas sheets. These things are amazing and I wish they came in a larger size. They do not fray when cut so they are perfect for detail work. They’re so perfect that that is what the other girls used for their floral appliques. So far I have only been able to find this product at Hobby Lobby.

Alpacosplay took on 3D modelling our ninja star hair clips and kunai garter belt accessories. Azure Props provided the printing. Alpacosplay also took on the task of embroidery. She embroidered the zig zag pattern on our gold trim, the Shool Idol Festival logo on our enormous bows and the applique on the dresses.

C.C. Cosplay was our fabric painter and worked on our waist belts and sock things.

In addition to the split responsibilities we each drafted and made our dresses. Eli’s ended up being 3 layers. The black and purple skirt is one layer, the red dress and then the white over dress. Patterning the bodice for the red dress was extra challenging because I had to accommodate my curves while also creating the folded over layered look. I think I ended up going through 4 drafts to get it right. This was also the first project I ever had access to a serger for so I used it for EVERYTHING. I roll hemmed and ruffled my white trim, I serged my inside seams, I could not be stopped.

Overall this was a fun project and I really enjoyed the collaboration it brought. Working in a group and playing to everyone’s strengths can produce results you might not be able to get all on your own.

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