My Cosplay

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Hi, I’m Cat-chan and I like cosplay! I started attending conventions in 2004 after becoming a member of my college’s anime club. I still remember being super nervous about going, so much so that I almost stayed at home. In the end I decided to go and see what it was like, knowing I was only around 30 minutes from home. I ended up having an amazing time and I haven’t stopped attending conventions since. It was after this first convention that I learned what cosplay was and where I decided this was defiantly the hobby for me.

I’ve been making and modeling costumes for 10 years, and always striving to improve and learn new techniques. My love of cosplay has lead me to compete in cosplay events all over the country, work as a cosplay department manager at several conventions over the years and even judge cosplay events! I love any costume that presents a unique challenge, but my favorite are frilly magical girls.

If you are interested in working with me for your convention or event please feel free to email me at Hello [at] KiraKiraCat [dot] com or use the form on my Contact page. I am available for costume contest judging, panel hosting, cosplay event coordination and promotional work.