About Cat

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Hi, I’m Cat

and I love nerdy stuff. I’m an anime fan, a TV junkie and a budding makeup addict. I wear my fandoms on my sleeves (literally, do you know how many fandom shirts I have?) and I love to talk about geeky stuff. My favorite hobby is cosplay and I’ve been making and modeling costumes for 10+ years. I go by Cat-chan Cosplay at Conventions 😉

In the real world I am a professional graphic designer and I’ve been working in digital design for over 5 years. I have two very frisky cats (Karma and Yourichi) and a wonderful Husband I enjoy spending most of my time with.

I started Kira Kira Cat in 2016 after running a personal cosplay website for several years. I love talking about cosplay and the cosplay community, but I wanted to allow myself the chance to begin to cover other topics like fandom, fashion, beauty and my other hobbies. You’ll see a little bit of everything I love around here and I hope you enjoy it.

My goal is to add a little ✨sparkle✨ to every day.

Find Me on the Internet

I’m most active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, but you can find me on Tumblr and Pintrest as well.

You can find my cosplay on cosplay.com, ACP, Cure, World Cosplay, and Cospix.