2017 Cosplay Year End Review

2017 in the realm of cosplay was kind of a dud for me to be honest. I had several factors working against me and it basically translated into not making much over the year. In fact, I didn’t really make much of anything until August. This is going to be shorter than it has in previous years to say the least.

Tohru: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Photo: Pancake Mix

view the costume HERE

This was my first full project of 2017 and I made it for AnimeFest. I enjoyed the series, I love dragons and it was something I could get done in the time frame I had. It gave me some trouble, reminding me that even though I’ve been doing this for years I still have a lot to learn. I also had the chance to test out dying Arda’s wigs.


Yusuke Urameshi: Yu Yu Hakusho

Photo: Koisplay Photography

view the costume HERE

A group that has been on the radar for a while and we finally had a chance to make happen at Ikkicon. The concept behind the whole thing was gender bending the male characters, but changing as little as possible about what they wore, because even if they were girls they still gotta kick a bunch of demon ass. With that in mind I made a pair of way overly thought pants and ripped up a t-shirt. I also ended up inadvertently styling a season 2 Monica wig.


Sailor Mars: Sailor Moon

Photo: M3 Photography

view the costume HERE

Another costume made for Ikkicon to join a group of girls in Christmas themed outfits. I still maintain that confetti dot is the worlds worst fabric to work with, but in a close second is the stretch velour and faux fur used to make this thing.



In 2017 we got not 1 but 2 Aqours delayed live viewing in the USA. For the first live in March I made the school uniform skirt to wear with a decal t-shirt as Dia. For the second live in October I made a trashy ita jacket that I actually do wear on a regular basis because I love it.

And that’s it. A total of 3 new costumes, 2 of which were made to wear on the last days of 2017. Not only did I not make as many costumes this year, I also attended less in general. I missed a few cons that I’ve been attending for years. I missed the Texas Renascence Festival for the first time since I started attending over 10 years ago. I was unable to cosplay at A-Kon because I work for them now. I had to step down from Anime North Texas because of my schedule (but I did get to attend at least).

I missed out on a lot of stuff that I wanted to do but it was necessary and I still had some great times at cons in 2017. I attended LouisiANIME as a cosplay guest and got to see Arina Tanemura for the 3rd time at AnimeFest. I was able to see several friends from all over the place at A-Kon, even if I was super busy working. I was able to cosplay with a lot of friends with old and new costumes.

2018 is already looking up and I am really hoping to get to cross a few costumes off my list that I’ve had to put off because of life, Mirage from Macross Delta and Rydia from FF4. I chose Mirage to challenge myself with materials that I’m not used to and Rydia as a competition costume. I didn’t get to compete at all in 2017 so lets make it up with too many rhinestones and green everything!

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