5 Binge Worthy Anime for Halloween

It’s a week from the spookiest day of the year and what’s a better way to get into the spirit than binging on some anime? Here are 5 series to check out this Halloween.

5) Death Note
Death Note follows Light Yagami, an excellent student and pretty much genius, as he attempts to engineer a new and perfect world with the Death Note. This is a detective story, but you are following the murderer as he is constantly outsmarting everyone on his tail…while he ruthlessly murders massive amounts of people with the powers of a Shinigami.

4) Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Puella Magi Madoka Magica (PMMM) is a story about magical girls. Madoka Kaname is given the chance to become one to fight witches and in exchange she can make one wish. This might not sound appropriate for Halloween but by episode three you’ll understand why it’s here. In addition to the story you’ll receive some unique visuals when a girl enters the realm of a witch. The aesthetic is perfect for the season.

3) Little Witch Academia
If you are looking for something a little more light-hearted for Halloween check out Little Witch Academia from Studio Trigger. A story that started out as a movie, it has expanded to receive a sequel film and a 24 episode anime. You’ll follow Akko to magic academy where she will try her gosh darn hardest to become like her childhood hero, Shiny Chariot, a skilled and talented witch. There’s only one small problem, she can’t really use magic. The animation in this series is gorgeous and it’s worthy of a watch for that alone, but the characters will warm your heart and have you rooting for that little witch to achieve her dreams.

2) Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa
A series you’ve seen mentioned on the blog before, Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa is probably not the most conventional suggestion for Halloween, but it does involve a vampire so I’m going with it. Shiragami Youko has a secret no one can find out (spoiler alert: She’s a vampire) or she’ll have to leave school, but then Kuromine Asahi walks in while she thinks she’s alone only to discover what she’s been hiding. Now he has to help her keep her secret. Bonus Halloween points, Shiragami’s best friend is a wolfman.

1) School-Live
Another series I’ve plugged on the blog before but definitely deserves a Halloween re-watch is School-Live. Without spoiling the plot, School-Live follows the daily antics of Yuki as she interacts with the members of the School-Live club. It’s a slice of life with a twist you’ll find out at the end of episode one. Just know it’s on the Halloween binge list for a good reason.

Honorable Mention: Juni Taisen
Juni Taisen is a fall 2017 series (which means it’s currently airing) so it’s not quite ready for a binge, but there are four episodes out currently to get you started. This is a battle royale meets the zodiac as a representative from each sign competes to win the wish of their choice/not die horribly at the hands of their opponents or the poison in their bellies. There’s blood! There’s graphic violence! There’s a psychopath in bunny ears, a speedo and high heels! Happy Halloween everyone!

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