Life According to Instagram: Summer 2017


If a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s the summer according to instagram

U2A-KonLarryBishop CiderFull MoonTohru

1. At the end of May I got to see my favorite band live for the first time in 9 years. U2 did an anniversary tour for their (arguably best) album “The Joshua Tree.” This was also the first U2 concert I managed to drag my husband to. He has avoided seeing them with me but I made him agree to go at least once so there we go. Now he’s paid up and who will I take the next time they tour?

2. June 4th-6th I worked my first A-Kon as the Division Manager over Cosplay & JFashion. Working this event was like a whole new level of time commitment (both pre-con and on site) and effort but I enjoyed being a part of the A-Kon team and working for the oldest and longest running anime convention in the USA.

3. The weekend of the 4th of July was a time of flux and uncertainty and when my family found out that this weekend would be difficult for me they planned a get together so I wouldn’t be alone. My sister brought her dogs and we played bocchi ball and ate steaks.

4. The beginning of August brings my wedding anniversary and this year my husband and I did a local cidery (is that even what it’s called?) tour. Bishop cider is really amazing if you ever find it out in the wild, I haven’t had a bad one yet and they offer a lot of options if you find yourself at one of their locations. The one we went to has an arcade in the front so after the tour we played video games.

5.  After working A-Kon and not being able to attend AX this year I was really missing cosplay and cons so when AnimeFest was finally here I was SO READY. This year they had my favorite Manga-ka, Arina Tanemura, back for the third year. They also had the creators of Yuri on Ice…which lead to some shenanigans trying to attend panels and autographs. I managed to come out victorious at least. 👍

6. Finishing out the summer we have the first (and so far only…) costume I’ve made in 2017, Touhru from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. I wore her on Sunday of AnimeFest and I can’t wait to wear her again. She’s a lot of fun.

Long time no blog, right? To say the last year has been rough would be pretty accurate but I do want to try to get back to creating content (and costumes but that’s another story) so this is my summer according to Instagram. The funny thing is, this doesn’t tell the story of my summer at all because like most people I keep the troubles off of social media and save it for the real world…so here’s the summer NOT according to Instagram:

I was working a contract position that I was lead to believe would turn into a direct hire. In May I found out that was not happening, so right at the time the work I was doing for A-Kon was kicking into overdrive I suddenly had to look for work. I had no free time. I started a new contract position in July, but the commute is terrible. It’s an hour one way and while losing an hour doesn’t seem like much it has taken a lot of time to adjust and I still feel like I can’t get everything done. Needless to say keeping up with content was not on my high priority list. To be honest it still isn’t, but I want to try to work it back in, just probably not at the level I was at before this whole ordeal started. I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since I lost my job and I still don’t feel firmly planted on the ground again. HAHAHAHA help me. 🙃

Seriously though, it could be a lot worse and I’m glad I’ve been able to keep steady income even if I haven’t landed anywhere permanent yet. Ganbatte my best!

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