Life According to Instagram: September 2016


If a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s the month according to instagram


1. I debuted a new costume on the second day of San Japan, my Pokemon Go trainer. I wanted something easy to wear while pre-judging contestants that would allow me to move around…and the fact that I wouldn’t need a wig and had to get up pretty early was a good selling point. I made this whole costume in about 2 weeks.

2. This was taken during contest lineup at the cosplay contest at San Japan from the judges table. It was an honor to be invited as a judge for a con I’ve been attending for nearly a decade.

3. Apparently I can’t go very long without taking on a new project, so I announced my next cosplay on Instagram. I’m hoping in the next few months you’ll get to see a lot of work in progress on this project so be sure to follow me 👍

4. Fall means its time for Oktoberfest! Oktoberfest means it’s time for my FAVORITE strudel ever! We went to a different Oktoberfest than the one we usually go to because it was on a more convenient weekend. I was not a fan of the layout, but I got the only thing that mattered so it was all good.

5.  The first day the temperature was under 85 degrees I busted out a scarf and boots because in Texas we take any chance we can get to wear cute fall clothes.

6. My copy of the Final Love Live made it to me on the last day of September and I watched it and I cried a lot. I don’t know why I’m so emotionally invested in this series but I am. µ’sic forever!

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