Life According to Instagram: August 2016


If a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s the month according to instagram


1. I celebrated my 7th wedding anniversary on August 2nd and this is the card I got. My husband wasn’t satisfied with one terrible goat pun so he made sure to include his own.

2. Anime Fest was August 12-15th this year and I packed that weekend full. I co-hosted 5 panels and participated in the cosplay contest. This was probably the busiest I’ve ever been at a con I wasn’t flat out working for…but I loved it! I kind of feel lost if I don’t have a job to do so while it was busy it was a great weekend.

3. 3 years ago I competed in the WCS US Gulf Qualifiers at San Japan. It might have been 3 years ago but that decision still guides my cosplay life today. I learned so much from participating in the WCS and I still cherish that performance.

4. I made it to my first Lolita meet up since…January I think. 😲 This one was a 21+ brunch meet and I was not going to miss a meet specifically for the older girls DARN IT!

5.  One of my long time fandoms officially ended. The Bleach manga wrapped up in Weekly Shonen Jump in August. I had been reading Bleach for 10 years, the series itself had just turned 15. It’s been a series thats been with me about as long as I’ve been a fan of Anime and one that I’ve been cosplaying from about as long as I’ve been cosplaying. I tossed on my Orihime wig in a quick closet version of her final appearance.

6. After Anime Fest was over I had 2 and a half weeks to make a new costume for San Japan because I hate myself. I worked on a Pokemon Go female trainer for something comfortable to wear while judging contestants. This is a shot of my Jumper progress.

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