Life According to Instagram: July 2016


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If a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s the month according to instagram

1. Ok Technically this was June 30th but I’m going to lump it in with July because at the beginning of the month I flew out to Los Angeles to attend Anime Expo! I got into LA on the 30th and spent a few hours that afternoon finally seeing the LA Fashion District for myself. I’m glad I didn’t have a specific project I was looking for fabric for because this place was insanely overwhelming. I could easily spend an entire day there just looking at fabric.

2. Upon arrival at the LA Convention center to pick up my badge I couldn’t help but take this dumb selfie with the Love Live Sunshine poster. The main reason I went back to AX this year was to attend the Love Live Sunshine special event.

3. The announcement that Aqours, the idol group featured in Love Live Sunshine, would be guests came about 5 weeks before the convention. I was smack dab in the middle of two projects for A-kon. That didn’t stop me from teaming up with a group of girls to make cosplay to celebrate. As soon as I got back from A-kon I started on my new costume. I completed my Dia costume in about two and a half weeks. DO IT FOR IDOLS!

4. I announced that I will be a Cosplay Judge at San Japan this year! I’ve been attending San Japan since it’s first year and competed there myself many times. I’m so excited to sit on the other end of the judges table and see everyone’s costumes.

5. Summer is the season for delicious and refreshing bubble tea. A new tea shop opened up and I checked it out. They use real fruit to flavor the teas and it shows! This one was green apple and it was so refreshing for a hot Texas summer day. Definitely going back A LOT.

6. Pokemon Go is the best! This game is so fun and I have loved seeing all kinds of people out hunting for pokemon. I’ve filled a few lunch breaks walking around the park catching pokemon.

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