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Kira Kira Cat: Adding a Little Sparkle to Every Day Life

What does Kira Kira Mean?

Kira Kira means Sparkle in Japanese. To me it means living with a positive thirst for life and always shining your brightest!

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2016 Cosplay Year End Review

2016 Cosplay Year End Review

Wow 2016 was quite a ride. The beginning of the year started out as any other but it quickly morphed. Here are the highlights: I attended to Anime Austin Launch Party as a Cosplay Guest I missed Anime Matsuri for the first time since the started because of their date change. In late May Anime […]

Cosplay Flashback: Keiko Yukimura

Cosplay Flashback: Keiko Yukimura

What is Cosplay Flashback? Cosplay Flashback is a blog series where I’ll revisit my older costumes and discuss how I made them and how I would make them differently if I was making them today. I’ve been cosplaying over 10 years and I’ve learned a lot in that time. It’s fun to go back and […]

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