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Kira Kira Cat: Adding a Little Sparkle to Every Day Life

What does Kira Kira Mean?

Kira Kira means Sparkle in Japanese. To me it means living with a positive thirst for life and always shining your brightest!

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2017 Cosplay Year End Review

2017 Cosplay Year End Review

2017 in the realm of cosplay was kind of a dud for me to be honest. I had several factors working against me and it basically translated into not making much over the year. In fact, I didn’t really make much of anything until August. This is going to be shorter than it has in […]

5 Binge Worthy Anime for Halloween

5 Binge Worthy Anime for Halloween

It’s a week from the spookiest day of the year and what’s a better way to get into the spirit than binging on some anime? Here are 5 series to check out this Halloween. 5) Death Note Death Note follows Light Yagami, an excellent student and pretty much genius, as he attempts to engineer a […]

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